Shooting two for the price of one!

You go mama! You are creating life and we think that is an absolute miracle and should be captured and cherished forever! Before you know it they are going to be 18 and thinking they are all grown up, you're going to need these photos to remind them where they came from! But in all seriousness, we'll make sure you look stunning and that all our maternity locations are safe and easy to access.

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Photo Editing

You can select your edits package now or after the shoot. Peka Studio will provide you with all of the watermarked photos so that you can select which edits you would like. Photo editing services are for colour correcting and minor touch-ups like red-eye removal, skin corrections, fly-away hairs etc. Let us know when checking out if there is anything specific you want us to edit by commenting in the additional info section. Peka Studio only releases purchased edited photos.

Gallery of our artists work

Sorry we haven't uploaded any gallery photos for this service yet.

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